The Life-Changing Ministry of the Safehouse

August 22, 2013 | by: Allison Hale | 0 comments

1005649_10201608957216003_2141376608_nEvery time we went out to the streets, she would say, "I am coming with you, I will be there tomorrow." She came to our church. She stopped in to the Workshop several times. She shared soup with us. She would send girls to us. Four women in our Workshop are safe and sound because she sent them to us. She stopped by my house often. We shared cookies. But she never took that step to get off the street. She and I talked often about what was keeping her from leaving the streets.

She was found yesterday inside a cardboard box, dead, left in a land fill. Please pray for the women of the Workshop. Their hearts are heavy and they are crying out to God. We pray for the family. Pray for me as I walk the street tonight, talking to the other girls, her friends and sisters.

On Tuesday, I went to the cemetery to do my best to comfort the women that we see so often on the streets of San Pedro. It was just after the burial and they were all there. We held each other and cried and prayed together. All of the Workshop women had been with the grieving family in the home.

That night on the streets all the prostitutes were there. Every. One. Clarisa and her sister always walked the streets together. They protected each other but also protected their turf. They were tough women. Clarisa's sister spent most of the time at the burial screaming and crying for her sister. "Allison," she cried, "They took my sister." More information about the brutality of the attack has come out and we all sit stunned.

I sat with the women at the Workshop today and one of them said, "Allison, Clarisa's sister has a message for you." I looked around and all the women and they were nodding to one another. "She wants to come here to be with us" All the women were unanimous. " we have to help her", "she needs us", "Why can't we?" I talked to them about how tough this girl is, how she likes to fight and insult...The women shook their heads. "We are a refuge, Allison." So the decision was made. Yes, we are a refuge. How can we not? As I was leaving fighting back tears I heard, "Allison, next time you go out on the street I am going with you." I turned around and saw several heads nodding....My cup runneth over.

Please pray and share this with all those who have prayed and shared. Pray for us as we accept these new girls. Pray for more parties so we can make sure there is enough work for us all! Pray for more materials and educational helps for these women and their children. How can we say no? My heart is SO full!

Please watch the following video to learn more about this life-changing ministry.


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