The Power of Prayer

September 24, 2015 | by: Gary Hale | 0 comments

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“I saw more changes in my wife and my home in one week than ever before; the culture of our home has changed! I’m ready,” said a gleaming husband as he sat across from me during the evening prayer service. Following what his wife had done the week before, we left the main auditorium during the prayer time and he received Christ! 
Sometimes one small change can bring about huge impact. A couple of months ago, we challenged the church to turn in names of spiritually lost friends and family members; we had about 90 names turned in on one Sunday night. I wasn’t sure what God wanted us to do, but I had been sensing that he wanted for us to place more emphasis on corporate prayer during our Sunday evening services at IBEM (Iglesia Bautista Evangélica de Macorís). So, we started off just asking the church to divide up in small groups and prayer passionately and specifically for names on that list.
            One of the first ones to receive Christ was the wife of the man, previously mentioned, who has been attending with him for many months. Their children are enrolled in The Palms Christian School. The night she came, there was a mix-up in their family communication and she ended up at church and he did not; during the prayer time she saw her own name on the list and while she sat with Diomaris to pray she said she needed the Lord and would like to know how to receive Christ. So, Diomaris left the service right then and over the next half hour or so guided her through the Bible unto salvation. Then the next week it happened again with the husband. Two Sundays and two Sundays during the prayer time people were saved!
            The rest of the summer has sort of been that way – nearly every week of the summer someone has been saved (ironically only two from the list!). We’ve had at least 13 people accept the Lord! Every week seems to be a little different with how it all goes down, but lost people are coming and responding. I’m preaching through the Sermon on the Mount – so it has not been the persuasion of evangelistic messages; it has not been the comfortable building – it has been nearly unbearably hot in our building; nor has it been because of any outreach event – we have added nothing new to our ministry schedule. The only explanation we are left with is that prayer gathering on Sunday nights. While we understand there are cycles and seasons in a church’s life, this one has been a sweet one of seeing things that only God could orchestrate – beyond the “He works in us to work through us” mantra that we do also believe. Sometimes it increases a church’s faith to find no other explanation than the hand of the Lord at work, independent of anything we’re doing, obeying, serving, letting Him use us, etc.; nothing other than praying.

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