Through the Eyes of a Teacher

March 4, 2014 | 0 comments

1045190_10151534181817404_1495458535_nAn Update From Melody Dyer:

It has been quite a while since I sent out an update newsletter. I was waiting for my computer to be ready, but it's been in the "shop" since before Christmas and they were having trouble finding the right parts. This newsletter will be a bit different since I'm working from someone else's computer, but I'll still try to include some pictures. Thanks so much for your prayers!

The Palms:

It has been quite a fun and eventful couple months in school. We ended the semester with our Christmas Bazaar and fundraiser for our school. We had such a great time at our Christmas party and Spirit Week! The students are learning so much and I can see so much academic and spiritual growth. For Valentine's month we learned John 3:16 in Spanish and English. It's so neat to not only hear them quote the verse, but tell me in their own words what the verse means. One of the most important things they can learn is to hide God's Word in their heart.

Continue to pray for our school! We are looking for a building for our high school next year, which means we need more teachers and staff. Lots of decisions have to be made very soon and we are still seeking international accreditation. AND new missionaries, Wes and Maria Smith joined our team to help with the school next year. Pray for wisdom for our Principal, Lynn Cunningham and that God would send the right teachers.

Ramon Santana:

The church in Ramon Santana continues to grow! We celebrated our 1 year anniversary in December and are so thankful what God is doing in that town. A few weeks ago the Ramon Santana baseball coach came to church and the next week brought his whole team! A few of the boys joined our prayer meeting on Tuesday night and accepted Christ. This was a huge answer to prayer. Pray that these boys will grow and that God will use them to reach other people.

Beginning in December, I met with two girls for small group discipleship. Since then we have had four girls come regularly and we're going through a book about the first steps of being a Christian. Please continue to pray for these girls. They seem very excited about reading their Bibles and having personal time with the Lord and this week we made prayer journals. In a couple of weeks we will take the girls on a "trip" to McDonald's, which is a big deal here. This will be one of the girls' first time to eat at McDonald's. Pray that their excitement continues to grow and that they learn how to walk with Christ. Their excitement has been such an encouragement to me.

Again thank you so much for your prayers. There have been challenges with getting my computer fixed, with The Palms trying to meet all the government requirements, we've had a couple of home robberies on our team, and even had some challenges with students/parents, but God is good and I can always see His hand working. It is through prayer that I believe people are coming to Christ and are being discipled. Thank you for having a part in that. God bless.

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