DaystarWebsiteButton_PRAY_HRThere are several ways you can pray for the ministry of Daystar around the world. Needs arise on a daily basis that require prayer. Listed below are several ways in which you can pray for the ministry and missionaries of Daystar.

1- Pray For The Country Of The Month 

Each month we highlight a specific country that desperately needs the Gospel. Pray for open doors into the country and for God to work through the missionaries who are already there as well as call additional missionaries. You can learn about the Country Of The Month HERE.

2- Pray For The Overall Ministry Of Daystar

Decisions are made on a daily basis concerning personnel, ministry needs, and ministry plans. Pray that God would give wisdom to the leadership of Daystar. Pray that we would grow for God's glory.

3- Pray For Daystar Missionaries

Daystar has missionaries serving around the world, each facing unique challenges. They are people, like you, who are raising a family, but in a foreign country. Pray that God would meet their needs and provide the resources and encouragement that is needed.

4- Pray for The Lord The Send Laborers

We believe that Bible instructs us to pray for God to send laborers into the harvest. Pray that God would call individuals and families into missions.

5- Pray For Disciples To Be Made

We are not just focused on making converts, but disciples. This involves leading people to faith in Christ and then helping them mature in Christ. Pray that God would help us keep this as our primary focus.