Yensi and Diana Pimentel

Yensi and Diana serve together in the city of Higuey in the Dominican Republic, along with their two boys, Jeremy and Liam. Diana is a nurse and originally came down as an intern with Daystar before the Lord called her back to serve full-time. Yensi grew up in Daystar’s Lifehouse boys’ home; as a teenager he surrendered his life to the Lord and later to full-time ministry. He served for several years as youth pastor at IBEM in San Pedro before God called them to help with a church plant in Higuey, where there was a great need for a gospel-centered church. In this new church, Iglesia Gracia Abundante, Yensi serves alongside Pastor Miguel in the area of preaching and will soon work to develop a youth ministry. Diana is currently serving in the children’s ministry and leads a breastfeeding support group as an outreach to moms in the community.  The heart of this local church ministry is discipleship—investing in people so that through the truth of the Scriptures they will grow, reach others with the gospel, and become equipped to lead. 

Dear friends,  What could be more surprising than realizing that the year 2020 is here? How about receiving a ministry update from the Pimentel family that is written by Yensi?!? Diana, the native English speaker of our family, has always been the one to keep you updated on what God is doing here in Higüey as well as in our family, but this time you’re receiving that news from me, Yensi! The reason for this change is exactly why I am writing and why we earnestly desire your prayers for us.  Things in the ministry are going very well. The church has been growing, people have been saved and the youth ministry has been growing little by little. But the main reason for this letter is to communicate to you about Diana’s health.  Diana stays busy with many areas of ministry – some that we as a couple share in the work of the church here and some that she carries the full responsibility for such as the women’s ministry and mother’s support group. All of this is in addition to teaching Jeremy preschool and caring for our family. In the midst of all this, Diana has had several  health issues arise that are preventing her from doing the work she loves and that are causing her great discouragement. In addition to the ongoing effects of her neck injury and migraines, she has recently been dealing with heart arrhythmia and prolonged periods of dizziness.     Medical care here in the DR is very different from the States and, at times, it has been difficult to know if she is getting the kind of care she really needs. We have visited doctors in Higüey and in the capital in hopes of finding answers and treatment for these needs. Most recently, she was able to see an American doctor in Santo Domingo, who is also a believer. This doctor has referred Diana for other tests and procedures that we hope will yield some answers soon. While our Dominican health insurance covers much of these visits, there are some costs that are not covered.  Would you join us in praying for these needs? 

  • First, and foremost, please pray God will open doors for us to see doctors that can help Diana.
  • Pray that during this time we can keep ourselves focused on the Lord and be patient throughout this process.
  • And also pray for the funds needed to cover these medical costs.
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