Geraldo Uribe & Akxis Baldwin de Uribe

Geraldo is a Dominican native of San Pedro de Macorís and came to know the Lord in the ministry’s church, Iglesia Bautista Evangélica de Macorís (IBEM). He has continued to be an active member by completing different hands-on tasks, teaching, leading, and discipling men and youth. Geraldo in the near future will be step into a pastoral position for about 50 youths from the community and coaches the ministry’s basketball league. He serves at Las Palmas Christian School as a high school teacher instructing from a biblical worldview.  He and his wife Alexis married in December of 2023 and they enjoy exercising, playing board games, and trying new recipes together. In his free time, Geraldo enjoys painting and dominating at pickleball.


Alexis stepped in to serve as an elementary school teacher at Las Palmas in the middle of the year for a temporary position but has found her stay to be long-term. She coordinates various extracurricular activities for her students to experience, such as field trips, game nights, and family activities. Alexis leads and teaches girls at IBEM, is involved in discipling, and assists when missionary groups come to serve the ministry.   During her free time, Alexis enjoys writing, being outside, and chasing the beautiful Dominican sunrises and sunsets. 


What brought Geraldo and Alexis together was the burden of orphaned children. They are both involved in ministering to those located in Ministry Homes but know that there are so many more children out there who live in vulnerable situations. Praying fervently, Geraldo and Alexis desire for the Lord to have a place for them to minister to these children so they can experience the Love of the Father, healing for their souls, and an encounter with the Savior. 


Ways to get involved:

Pray that God would show Geraldo and Alexis how they can support and serve vulnerable children within a home for Christ

Pray that their marriage would reflect Christ in every place they go

Come and visit the ministries to encourage them and help them reach more people for Christ’s sake


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