Pastor Lee Wimberly
Growing up in church all my life I understood the concept of missions as a person or a family in a picture on the wall of our church, or a prayer card on our refrigerator. I never realized the true impact of missions until the Lord allowed my wife and I to go experience it first hand on a missions trip in the summer of 2012. Thank you so much for taking the time to allow me to share with you our burden. My name is Lee Wimberly and I am the pastor of North Point Baptist Church in Carrollton, Georgia. The Lord has allowed my wife and I to go on many different missions trips, however in 2018 everything changed for us. We had previously been on a missions trip with Daystar to the Dominican Republic in 2015, however this was the first time in my life that I had ever returned to the same field for a second visit a few years later. I was AMAZED by the progress that had taken place in the three years and my heart was greatly burdened. Missions became so much more than a picture on the wall, it became a reality as so many people had given their lives to Christ and the ministry had grown, and yet there was still a greater vision in the hearts and lives of the missionaries there.  Realizing we wanted to do more, the Lord has allowed my wife to become the Public Relations Manager for Daystar and has allowed me to become a Missions Representative while Pastoring our church. It is our desire to share with others how they too can have impact around the globe. My goal is to spread the word about the vision of Daystar and allow others to experience what we have seen first hand. If you would like to partner with Daystar you can do so through our Sponsorship Program and by also signing up to going and seeing the ministry for yourself through a missions trip. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here. May God use you to help others hear the Gospel!
Tim Bilbrey
Tim is the Director of Daystar Baptist Missions based in West Virginia. He is also the stateside Mission Representative for the North East.