Our ministry partner in Cuba is in a suburb of Havana, the capital city. Havana has a population of just over 2 million people. Cuba is the second most populated country in the Caribbean with over 11 million total inhabitants. Although the government in Cuba is Communist, the people are quite friendly and welcoming to Americans. US Citizens are allowed to enter Cuba with a tourist visa or a religious visa and can partner with locals to do ministry. There are some traditional churches throughout the country, but there is also a large number of “house churches” where 15-25 people gather in a home for worship and Bible teaching. Our ministry partner in Cuba works in various settings with many different opportunities for groups to connect with people and serve them.
Richar and Diana Cordovi
Richar and Diana Cordovi are Cuban nationals that are serving as full-time missionaries with Daystar. They have two children, Josué (11 years old) and Josías (5 years old). Richar is a worship pastor in his local church and is a member of the Cuban Christian music group “Sabor a Cielo.” He is also part of the musical project created for the first time in Cuba called “Cuban Gospel Music”. Richar loves to use the platform of sports as they strive to share the Gospel and make disciples there in Cuba. Diana helps lead worship alongside Richar. She is a youth leader in their local church and also works as a children’s teacher. Richar preaches at some services at their church and they have a Bible study and youth discipleship small group that meets in their home. Richar and Diana are so excited to be serving the Lord as a part of the Daystar team!