Gary and Tami Byrd

The Byrd family serve in La Vega, Dominican Republic, the 3rd largest city in the country. In their first four years in the D.R., the Byrds worked alongside Felix and Mari Mota to plant a church in the town of Ramón Santana, just outside of San Pedro. It was at this point that the Lord called the Byrd’s to a church revitalization project in the city of La Vega, on the other side of the country. La Vega is a city of over 230,000, and is widely known as “the seat of Catholicism” in the Dominican Republic. They have been in La Vega for over 7 years now. The church is stable and growing. This past year they began the process of planting a Haitian church in La Vega as well. Gary and Tami have 7 children, and have been married for 33+ years.  Tami teaches in a local Christian school, while Gary spends the bulk of his time training leaders and leading the church.  The Lord has given them a 2 fold vision for the work in La Vega: 1) establish a strong “mother church” and turn it over to a trained national pastor. 2) to train up leaders and help them establish new works within the city.  They are blessed to have their son Cody and his wife, Julia, serving along side of them with their two young sons, Lincoln and Fletcher. Gary and Tami are also thrilled to have Taylor and Mary Harmon diligently serving in the team as well.
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