Gary and Tami Byrd

The Byrd family serve in La Vega, Dominican Republic, the 3rd largest city in the country.  Having planted a church in Ramón Santana, DR, in their first four years, while working with Pastor Felix Mota, are now re-planting a church in La Vega.  Gary and Tami have 7 children, and have been married for 29 years.  Tami teaches in a local Christian school, while Gary spends the bulk of his time training leaders and leading the church.  The Lord has given them a 2 fold vision for the work in La Vega: 1) establish a strong “mother church” and turn it over to a trained national pastor. 2) to train up leaders and help them establish new works within the city of over 300,000 people.  Presently, Cody their 25 year-old son, has a amazing outreach in a local public school, and Gary is seeking to start up a softball ministry with the local men.
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