John and Ronda Lennon

John and Ronda Lennon are church planting missionaries in the beautiful country of Ecuador. They previously served in Paraguay for many years before moving to Ecuador. John’s ministries include church planting, leadership development, missionary mentoring, and outreach among the Middle Eastern communities that live in Quito. Ronda is an educator and enjoys teaching Bible and Art to middle and high school students at an International School. John and Ronda have been married for over 30 years and have 2 adult children. They are passionate about bringing people to Christ, discipling them in their faith, and forming healthy Biblical churches and church leaders for the glory of God.

Dear Friends and Family,

A year ago, right before the covid-19 quarantine, John met two Persian men at different coffee shops. Both of them asked if John could teach them the Bible. Each one was given a Farsi Bible and weekly studies began. During the course of the year, they began studying The Message of Hope, a chronological bible study that goes from creation to the cross, the cross to eternity and also an online Bible study. 

Right before the Christmas holidays, they were meeting at a coffee shop when one of the men asked, “Pastor, do you think that I’m ready?” Not sure what he meant, John asked him to clarify his question. He said, “Pastor, we’ve been studying the Bible this whole year, do you think I’m ready to become a Christian?” With a smile on his face, John reviewed the Gospel story and asked several questions to see if he understood. Then the Persian man bowed his head and trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior. After saying amen, the other Persian man tapped John on the shoulder and asked, “what about me?” He too bowed his head and trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior. Both men were excited about their new spiritual birthday and later followed the Lord in believer’s baptism.

New Persian believers following the Lord in believer’s baptism

During the Christmas holidays, we organized a Persian Christmas outreach in which 25 Persians participated. During the outreach dinner, one man declared before the whole group that he will trust the Lord for the forgiveness of his sin and give his life to Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He was given a Farsi Bible as well as many that participated during the outreach. The next day, a Persian married couple followed the Lord in believer’s baptism. 

At the start of the new year, John had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a Persian doctor, two Persian university students, and several families. Seven of those who heard the Gospel trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior. They were all given Farsi Bibles and we are now organizing discipleship Bible studies with them. 

We praise the Lord for the way He is working here. Our prayer is that a Persian Church will be planted here on the equator this year. We are also working on translating discipleship materials in Farsi, bringing cases of Farsi Bibles that were purchased with the many gifts from our Persian Bible Project last year, and other ministry projects. 

To follow up on our last prayer letter, we want to ask you to continue to pray for “Henry”. He is experiencing severe trials in the Middle East since becoming a Christian. Also, many of our Persian believers here in Ecuador are experiencing hardships and their families are being harassed and persecuted back in their homeland because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray for boldness, endurance, and God’s provision as they follow Jesus. 

We are thankful for your faithful prayers and sacrifice so that we may share the Gospel here in Ecuador on your behalf. May God richly bless you all in 2021!

With Grateful Hearts,

John & Ronda Lennon

 Quito, Ecuador 


Mission: Daystar Baptist Mission,

E-mail address: 

Mail: % 209 Daniel Way, Portsmouth, VA 23701

Sending Church: Central Baptist Church, Portsmouth, VA

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