William and Laura Lyon

We are the Lyon family, we are church planting missionaries, living and serving with the Kichwa people in the remote Andean villages of northern Ecuador. There are approximately 300,000 Kichwa people in our area and they are considered one of the largest unreached people groups in South America. Currently, they are less than 2% evangelical Christian and there are approximately 200 unreached villages in our area. Our main goal is use evangelism, intentional discipleship, and theological and ministerial preparation in order to see churches planted in each of these unreached villages.”
2019 Ministry Plans


January, 2019


We ask that you join us in praying for the Kichwa ministry in 2019! We plan to focus our efforts in the following areas for this coming year:
House of Prayer Baptist Church: Please continue to pray for the newest Kichwa church plant. Much of our time and effort will be devoted to this new church. Please pray specifically for Luis, the Kichwa man who is planting the church along with us. Also, pray for the many adults that are attending who are unsaved. This month we are working on setting up a time to meet with each of them personally to share the Gospel with them (which means starting in Genesis and walking through the entire Bible with them over a period of several months).
Discipleship: Discipleship is at the heart of our ministry and will continue to be in 2019. This is the unseen, slow, and most time consuming part of our ministry; but, by far, it is the most fruitful. Please pray for us as we seek to fully obey the Great Commission.
Kichwa Bible Institute: The growth and success of the Bible Institute continues to amaze us! The number of students, the number of churches involved, the quality of the teaching, and the spiritual maturity of the teachers all continue to grow! Please pray for our teachers: Leoncio, Elvis, Elvis Jr.,  Alfonso, Ernesto, and Luis.

Ministry Map: We are very excited about sharing this opportunity with you! Now that the base of Kichwa Christians is growing and their spiritual growth is evident, we are beginning to look to the future of planting churches in the roughly 200 unreached Kichwa villages in our area. Elvis, one of our Bible Institute teachers, is currently preparing everything necessary to conduct a full survey of every village in our area. We will find out names of villages, populations, needs, and the presence or lack of Christians in each village, along with many other details. This Ministry Map will give us direction and help you know how to pray more specifically for the Kichwa ministry.


Visas: We plan to seek a new type of visa this year with the goal of avoiding the very serious visa issues that we have dealt with in the past. Please pray for us as we seek to begin this process in the spring.


The Ministry Map and the new visa process will both require extra funds and we are praying for God’s provision. If you would like to give specifically toward these needs, please let us know.


Thank you so much for your support! You maintain our family and our ministry here in Ecuador and we thank the Lord for each of you! We would also like to say a special “thank you” to everyone who sent Christmas cards and gifts. You enabled us to give our family Christmas that would have been impossible otherwise.


Thank you for your part in this ministry!

Serving Him Together,
Will and Laura
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